How to Sell Personal Training Online: Your Guide to Success 

When you run a personal training business, you take on many roles beyond fitness coach. You also must be your own marketer, accountant, business manager, and—often the least favorite role—salesperson. As unpleasant as it might be, if you don’t know how to sell personal training services and packages, your business will never survive in the...

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Master Class 2: Creating A High-Value Offer That Sells

by Jonah Cockshaw, Founder of FITMEDIA What We’ll Be Covering in This Session In this session, we’ll be covering: 👉🏼 What is your ‘Offer’? 👉🏼 What is ‘Value’? 👉🏼 What is a ‘Commodity’? 👉🏼 Why you should have a ‘high-ticket’ offer 👉🏼 The 5 steps to create your high-value offer What Is Your Offer? In its simplest...

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Personal Trainer Statistics, Trends & Data 

Fitness is one of those industries that is constantly being influenced by new technology, trends, and other external factors (like say, a global pandemic). For personal trainers, it’s important to keep up with the different ways the industry changes in response to these influences. Reading up on the latest personal trainer statistics will help you...

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Person Reading a Book

The Best Books for Personal Trainers

When you first started your personal training business, you probably spent hours reading articles, comprehensive guides, and any other information you could find about how to be a personal trainer. Now that you’ve built a foundation and are a working fitness professional, you might think you have all the knowledge you need — but that’s...

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Successful personal trainer training client in a gym

How to Become a Successful Personal Trainer

Pretty much anyone who wants to can become a personal trainer, just like how anyone can paint on a canvas and be an artist or write a book and be an author. But not everybody becomes a Picasso or a Shakespeare. Some might argue the difference is in talent, but that’s only a small part...

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My PT Hub | Insurance

How to Build a Career in Fitness

The fitness industry is ever-growing year on year; according to Statista, gyms and fitness centres in the United Kingdom have been continuously growing since 2011, with a slight drop in 2020 – 2021 as expected from COVID 19. The number of gyms and fitness centres doubled between 2011 and 2018, highlighting a boom in the...

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Get More With My PT Hub’s Marketplace

Get exclusive access to free online courses and discounts from TOP brands, exclusively for My PT Hub V3 Users! Designed to give personal trainers and online fitness professionals access to awesome offers, the opportunity to grow their business and even make money, if you’re not already taking advantage of the My PT Hub Marketplace, where...

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CPD for Personal Trainers

3 Popular CPD Courses for Personal Trainers

Becoming a leading personal trainer takes time, self-development, motivation, and critically, the right PT qualifications. What happens after qualifying, in terms of building a client base, making a decent living, or even building a fitness empire (if that’s the ultimate goal) is entirely in the hands of each individual trainer. There’s no immediate blueprint for...

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CIMSPA Explores Tech’s Impact on the Physical Activity Sector

A blog post by James Carr, Marketing and Communications Assistant at CIMSPA In anticipation of Phil Carr’s (CEO of My PT Hub) session at the CIMSPA and Quest NBS Conference 2020, we explore one of the sector’s hottest topics – technology – and the impact it is having on sport and physical activity sector.With just...

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