Fitness Business Management Software Features

Automate your fitness business administration tasks with thousands of software features that save you time and maximize your personal training business! Pretty cool, right?

Programming has never been easier.

Plan your clients activities and leave the rest to us. We can send daily branded push notifications to your clients to keep them on track and help them achieve their goals.

Picture of 2 rows (Week 1 and Week 2) where users can track progression

Fitness Business Management Features


Auto schedule workouts, nutrition plans, measurements, and progress photos with total ease.

Online Document Store

Upload, store, and assign any file type from Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, images, videos, and even ebooks.

Activity Feed

Stay up to date with your fitness clients activities through the Recent Activity Feed.

Create Forms & Check-Ins

Create Custom Forms

Go paperless with our custom Forms feature, which allows you to customize your personal training clients’ onboarding journey with automated questionnaires, check-ins, and even signable contracts.


With an array of different question formats, you can build all sorts of questionnaires including lifestyle and medical forms for your clients to fill out.


Whether your fitness clients are using their computer, laptop, tablet, or phone, they can still digitally sign forms.


Arrange your workouts, nutrition plans, clients, and more into groups.

Recent & Frequent

Quickly find the plan you want by using our Recent & Frequently Used sorting features.

Search & Filtering

Navigate your way through the software seamlessly with our new search and filtering system.

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