Personal Training Templates: Downloadable Workout Programs 

Creating new workouts for your personal training clients can be a tedious and time-consuming part of owning your own personal training business. But the more tools you have in your kit to help you streamline that process, the more time you can spend doing what you really love about your job—working with clients hands-on. That’s...

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Personal Trainer-Client Relationships: How to Build Rapport 

Life is all about building great relationships. And so is personal training.  Fitness journeys are filled with many ups and downs. As a personal trainer, part of your job is to be there to help your clients through both. Doing that is much easier when you have a strong personal trainer-client relationship.  In this article,...

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Free Program Template

Build and deliver exceptional client programs in minutes. Try a free program template today to see how your business can save time, increase revenue and get your clients great results using My PT Hub.

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Personal Trainer Working With Senior Clients

Personal Training for Seniors: 8 Benefits for You & Your Clients 

When you imagined becoming a personal trainer, chances are you didn’t picture yourself working with someone like your grandma. But offering personal training for seniors can be a great way to grow your fitness business with an audience that is eager to learn, motivated to work, and ready to spend the money.  In this article,...

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Picture of two iPhones showing a Habit Tracker

New Feature: Prepare for Success With Habit Tracker

Introducing Habit Tracker, now available on My PT Hub Premium! Connect with your clients on a deeper level and gain a more holistic view of their progress. Support lifestyle and behavioural changes that form healthier long-term habits. Assign habits using pre-built templates or create your own.  Log and track assigned habits, like clockwork, using in-app...

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woman doing a yoga pose

5 Health Benefits of Personal Trainer’s Doing Yoga

Yoga is a practice that combines breathing exercises, meditation and poses to encourage relaxation, and is said to come with many benefits for mental and physical health. Here are our top 5: 1. Improves Flexibility & Balance Research shows that practicing yoga can help improve your balance and flexibility. Yoga poses work by stretching your...

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picture of a woman in a position before sprinting

Health Over Aesthetics for Personal Trainers

Simon Wilkinson, Technical Representative at Tanita, the Worldwide Leader in Health Monitoring, gives us his expert advice on the role of body composition for personal trainers and how health and immunity is set to be high on people’s agenda… All signs are pointing towards the general public becoming more health conscious than at any other...

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image of a man holding a cup of coffee and smiling while looking at his laptop with the words "PTA Global's Top 5 Tools For Your Fitness Business" in white color as well as the My PT Hub and ptaglobal logo on the bottom

PTA Global’s Top 5 Tools for Your Fitness Business

FREE downloadable Tools from PTA Global! Our Marketplace Partner, PTA Global, a world-leading education provider who specialize in NCCA Accredited Certified Personal Training (CPT) education that is specifically designed to prepare you for a career as a fitness professional, have shared their Top 5 Tools for Personal Trainers! You can download these in PDF format...

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Man smiling while looking at phone outside

Coach From Anywhere With My PT Hub

Being a Personal Trainer isn’t easy.Especially for you gym floor warriors. Working 12+ hours a day, Monday through to Sunday who are now doing so from home online! It’s hard to find the time to ourselves, let alone to manage and track all clients efficiently! You need somewhere to manage and track all your clients...

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Picture of a man drinking coffee and smiling while looking at his laptop

How to Deliver 1-1 Remote Personal Training Sessions

With everything that’s going on in the world right now, if you’re a personal trainer or a fitness professional you’ve more than likely been impacted in some way, shape or form. Some more than others but the big question on everyone’s minds is, ‘how do I conduct remote personal training sessions?’. Well, there are many...

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