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How to Create a Meal Plan for Clients 

Fitness and nutrition go together like squats and leg day. That’s why it only makes sense that many personal trainers offer nutrition services too.  But knowing how to create a workout program and how to create a meal plan for clients are two different skills.  In this article, we’ll outline the benefits of offering personal...

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Personal Trainer-Client Relationships: How to Build Rapport 

Life is all about building great relationships. And so is personal training.  Fitness journeys are filled with many ups and downs. As a personal trainer, part of your job is to be there to help your clients through both. Doing that is much easier when you have a strong personal trainer-client relationship.  In this article,...

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picture of a woman in a position before sprinting

Health Over Aesthetics for Personal Trainers

Simon Wilkinson, Technical Representative at Tanita, the Worldwide Leader in Health Monitoring, gives us his expert advice on the role of body composition for personal trainers and how health and immunity is set to be high on people’s agenda… All signs are pointing towards the general public becoming more health conscious than at any other...

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woman holding battle ropes and squatting

Top Tips from the Best Personal Trainers in the UK

What does it mean to be a great personal trainer? Unlike the straightforward question of ‘what does it take to become a personal trainer?‘ (of which the nuts and bolts answer is ‘getting qualified’), defining success as a personal trainer is a bit more up in the air. If you’re a relative newcomer to the...

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woman holding a tape measure around her stomach

3 Reasons Why To Monitor Your Fitness Client’s Body Composition

Simon Wilkinson, health expert at Tanita, talks all things body composition and why PTs should be investing more time in understanding their clients’ needs. Offering a service completely unique to them Health is completely personal to the individual – and we’re seeing that for a lot of people, the traditional BMI measurements just aren’t accurate...

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CIMSPA Explores Tech’s Impact on the Physical Activity Sector

A blog post by James Carr, Marketing and Communications Assistant at CIMSPA In anticipation of Phil Carr’s (CEO of My PT Hub) session at the CIMSPA and Quest NBS Conference 2020, we explore one of the sector’s hottest topics – technology – and the impact it is having on sport and physical activity sector.With just...

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man riding his bicycle on the road

How to Prepare for a Long-Distance Cycling Challenge

The Tour de France kicked off at the weekend, seeing 22 teams with eight riders in each battling it out for the yellow jersey. It’s the ultimate endurance race, with 21 stages across 3,460km and five mountain top finishes. This cycling event inspires many to jump on two wheels and take on their own cycling...

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Archon Combine: How It Works for You & Your Fitness Clients

It’s been just over two months now since we announced our integration with Archon Combine! Those of you who may have missed this can check it out here. As a coach, fitness tracking plays a huge role in ensuring your clients are hitting their goals, progressing in areas they should be but also assessing how far...

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Picture of a little girl eating ice cream while holding a stem of broccoli in the other hand

Becca Gillen’s Guide to Flexible Dieting

Trainer and Nutrition Coach, Becca Gillen, is an advocate for flexible dieting. She believes you should be able to eat chocolate and pizza, and still maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here, she explains how: All you need is to understand WHY ‘unhealthy’ foods like pizza won’t make you fat, how to understand a calorie deficit, and...

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