Personal Trainer Hashtags to Grow Your Social Media

Considering most personal trainers these days use social media to help grow their business, it’s probably safe to assume that you’ve seen a hashtag before. But knowing what a hashtag is and knowing how to use one to help your brand are two different things. It takes time and research to understand what personal trainer hashtags to use and determine which ones are most relevant, have followers, and are best able to drive people to your social media profiles. 

Instead of spending hours scrolling through Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and your other social media platforms, we’ve gathered the best fitness and personal trainer hashtags for you to use and the best tips on how to use them! 

The Importance of Fitness Hashtags to Expand Your Reach 

Just in case you’re still confused by the whole idea of a hashtag, let’s explain what it is and why it’s useful to you as a personal trainer with your own business. Hashtags are essentially keywords or phrases that indicate what a social media post is about and that can be used to group similar posts together for users. They’re written without spaces and with a pound sign (#) in front of them, like this: #personaltraining. 

Social media users can search for keywords and posts with that hashtag will come up. They can also click on hashtags in posts to pull up similar and related content. Using these keywords is an easy way to make your content more discoverable on various social media platforms. Here are some of the other benefits of using personal trainer hashtags:  

  • Increase post visibility 
  • Increase post/social media engagement 
  • Provide extra context for a post 
  • Reach and attract followers in your target audience 
  • Strengthen your brand image and recognition 
  • Track your social media performance 

According to Twitter research, businesses who use hashtags consistently see an average increase of 18% in message association, 8% in brand awareness, and 3% in purchase intent. That may sound small in percentages, but in real numbers and revenue those increases are significant. 

Personal Trainer Hashtags 

Once you understand the difference hashtags can make for your personal training business, your next step is to find the best hashtags to use for visibility and engagement. Generally, you can use the same hashtags for your posts across various social media platforms. There are, however, some personal trainer hashtags that trend more on different sites. We’ll go over some general ones that we found to be popular, then dive into trending hashtags on two top platforms for fitness professionals: Instagram and TikTok. 

  • #personaltraining 
  • #personaltrainer 
  • #training 
  • #gymlife 
  • #workoutmotivation 
  • #transformationtuesday 
  • #workhardplayhard 
  • #gymfit 
  • #fitsquad 
  • #onlinetrainer 
  • #weightloss 
  • #bodybuilding 

Personal Trainer Hashtags for Instagram 

  • #personaltrainer 
  • #fitness 
  • #instafit 
  • #fitspo 
  • #healthylifestyle 
  • #training 
  • #coach 
  • #personalfitness 
  • #fitnessmodel 

Personal Trainer Hashtags for TikTok 

  • #trainertips 
  • #trainerlife 
  • #functionalfitness 
  • #fitspo 
  • #training 
  • #personaltrainer 
  • #bodybuilding 
  • #health 
  • #homeworkout 
  • #sport 

Fitness Hashtags 

The great thing about hashtags is that they can help you expand your reach as a personal trainer into the entire fitness social media universe. By using hashtags in your posts that aren’t just related to personal training but to fitness as a whole, you can reach more people in your target audience and make them aware of your brand. We’re going to give you more examples to use in your general, Instagram, and TikTok posts, but this time for fitness hashtags. 

  • #fitness 
  • #fitnessmotivation 
  • #fitlife 
  • #fitnessaddict 
  • #getfit 
  • #fitfam 
  • #girlswholift 
  • #transformationtuesday 
  • #workout 
  • #transformationinprogress 
  • #fitfriday 
  • #cardioday 
  • #fitforlife 
  • #fitsporation 
  • #homefitness 

Fitness Hashtags for Instagram 

  • #gym 
  • #fitness 
  • #workout 
  • #training 
  • #bodybuilding 
  • #instagood 
  • #fitfam 
  • #gymmotivation 
  • #fitnessjourney 
  • #fitlife 

Fitness Hashtags for TikTok 

  • #fitness 
  • #training 
  • #motivation 
  • #gym 
  • #fittok 
  • #tiktokworkoutchallenge 
  • #fitnesstiktok 
  •  #sport 
  • #lifestyle 

Hashtag Best Practices 

blue hashtag

Now that you have a list of personal trainer and fitness hashtags to work from, it’s important that you don’t just randomly choose a handful to add to any post. Believe it or not, there is a strategy behind hashtagging to optimize your social media posts. Here are some best practices you can follow to ensure your hashtags have the maximum benefit for your brand: 

  1. Research before you post. See what other fitness brands and competitors are using for hashtags and capitalize on ones that fit your brand to attract the right audience. Knowing what’s trending will also give you a chance to come up with some hashtags unique to you and your personal training business. 
  1. Keep them relevant. Don’t just throw hashtags around haphazardly. They should be related to your posts and on-brand, so you can attract and engage the users that are most likely to turn into leads. 
  1. Be specific. The more specific and unique your hashtags are, the more interesting and engaging your posts will be. Users will scroll past most overly generic hashtags, but ones particular to you and your business will stand out and help capture your target audience. 
  1. Don’t overdo it. Including too many hashtags with your post can make you seem spammy, desperate, and like you don’t actually know who you want to attract. The right number of hashtags will depend on which platform you’re on. We recommend 1-2 on Twitter and Facebook, 5-10 on Instagram, and up to 5 on TikTok. 
  1. Use Instagram Insights to see which hashtags are working for you. Insights is a helpful tool that allows you to see how many impressions your posts are making with each hashtag. Use this data to refine your strategy and improve your Instagram reach
  1. Include hashtags in your Instagram bio. When you add your personal trainer bio to your Instagram, include hashtags to help people find you more easily. This will also help tell users what you’re all about as soon as they click on your profile. 
  1. For TikTok, keep important hashtags in your caption. Because of the 100-character limit in captions, TikTok users often put hashtags in the comments of their videos. Although this isn’t necessarily a bad practice, comment hashtags don’t get as much visibility or engagement, so you should save the most important ones for the caption. 
  1. Use a hashtag to start a TikTok challenge. TikTok challenges have a big potential to go viral, so creating one and giving it its own hashtag can be a great way to increase brand awareness and engage potential leads. Coming up with a challenge is also a way to create a unique, branded hashtag and inspire others to make their own content with it. 
  1. Only use a few select hashtags for Facebook posts. Facebook is one place where hashtags aren’t quite as useful, since the posts of users with private profiles won’t come up in a search. However, using one or two — one popular trending hashtag and one unique campaign-branding hashtag — can help boost engagement. 
  1. Use Facebook Graph Search to find popular hashtags. Facebook Graph Search is another great social media tool that can help you find hashtags that have gained traction. That way, you’re not wasting one of your two hashtags on something that no one is talking about or looking for. 

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